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English Premier League -- Burnley VS Leeds United Picks & Game Preview

Posted Sat, 28 Aug 2021 16:57:50 GMT    

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English Premier League -- Burnley VS Leeds United 

Kick Off: Sunday,Aug 29 2021 09:00

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English Premier League -- Burnley VS Leeds United Picks & Game Preview




Burnley's performance in the Premier League this season is poor. After all, they barely relegated last season, and this summer they just casually mended their reinforcements. The most important signing is on the back defense. From the performance of two consecutive defeats at the beginning, it seems to have little effect on the team. After all, Burnley doesn't lack backs at all, It's the lack of a good striker who can partner with Wood. There have been three games in the new season but Burnley has only one goal, and the offense is extremely weak. 


English Premier League -- Burnley VS Leeds United Picks & Game Preview



Leeds United

Leeds United is a team that highly advocates offense. They have strong forward firepower, but the back line is full of mistakes. Therefore, this summer, they also focused on the back line, introduced Firpo to enhance the offense and defense ability of the left back, and took Norwegian goalkeeper Kraisorn. But from the start, it seems to have little effect, The first game was beaten by Manchester United, and the problem of the defense line still exists.


English Premier League -- Burnley VS Leeds United Picks & Game Preview



Comprehensive Analysis

At present, there is still a big strength gap between the two teams. After all, Burnley is hard to win, while Leeds United has just won a big victory in the League Cup, and their morale has recovered. Moreover, Burnley is unable to make some works on offense and defend at present, which is difficult to pose a great threat to the opponent. On the contrary, Leeds United has a good performance on the offense, moreover, Leeds United also beat Burnley twice last season, which has a psychological advantage. In terms of data, it also gave some support to Leeds United. At the same time, the concessions in the later stage were also very stable. Based on various data, it is suggested that Leeds United is expected to win in this battle.



1X2 Pick: 2

Total: Over 2.5/3 goals


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